Monthly Archives: May 2011

Pass on a Kiss with the Kiss Transmission Device

This isn’t February but romance is in the air. The Kajimoto Laboratory at the University of Electro-Communications is conducting research into tactile communications, with the aim of creating a device which can..

Grab Attention with Prada’s Fake-leg Boots

They are boots and they are shoes, in fact they are both. Prada’s Mary Jane leather boots are one-of-a-kind, look like fake legs with shoes on but that’s actually the entire boot..

Lego Purses tell their own Story

You don’t need children to enjoy the little fun things in life. At least Lego fans don’t need a crawling counterpart; once a Lego fan always a Lego fan!!! For people who..

Denim Over-alls Case for iPhone looks Killer

Dress you dearly beloved iPhone in this uber cool and dashing-in-denim dude case. Its kickass and a lot better than any other iPhone case. There are 3 versions each better than the..