Monthly Archives: August 2011

Best of The Rich Traveller

This week we can’t stop drooling over the new $10,000 shopping package at the Fairmont Chicago. And what better way to go shopping than with the Ultratravel Currency Card, offering a range..

X-Tape can seal it all!

Are you always up for pranks? So am I and hence comes the thought of sharing dope on this awesome hinge tape called x-tape that can take even the cleverest person for..

Star Wars Moolah invades our world

Star Wars enthusiasts here is something that will get you excited and how! You can now have Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Yoda in coins i.e. they appear on the currency of..

Cat Café Concepts take Japan by Storm

Let the cats have some fun and that’s assured if you’re living in Osaka, Japan’s third most populous city. You will be surprised to find the cats having the time of their..