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Kill time with Crossword Puzzle Tote

Making shopping even more fun is the very entertaining Crossword Puzzle Tote. If it has to be a tote why not this Crossword Puzzle Tote? It can be the perfect replacement to..

Get insured against Dog or Cat Poop

Don’t curse and swear the next time your feet lands in dog or cat poop. Yeah that experience can be very frustrating but now you can get insurance against that! Making it..

Q8 Cell Phone comes with a Difference

iphone and Blackberry have become synonymous with cell phones. We hardly hear about anything else these days. The Q8 Cell Phone is nothing even close to the ones mentioned above but if..

Cute Dachshund Bookends

Dachshunds are oh-so-cute and when I set my eyes on the very charming Dachshund Bookends, I knew this had to be brought to our readers notice. Allow this adorable Dachshund to contain..