Battle wrinkles and laugh lines with Kogao! Smile Lines Face Belt

We have tried it all – Lotions, creams, and beauty treatments. But nothing seems to stop the appearance of all those fine lines and wrinkles on our faces. The latest in beauty technology is brought to you all the way from Japan. Their Kogao! Smile Lines Face Belt is an anti-wrinkles and anti-aging beauty mask. It is a nylon face cover-come-strap-come-belt that tightens up your cheeks and facial contours, which is supposed to lead to a more buoyant and youthful visage. I know it looks a little medieval and scary. But I also know that most girls would try anything to get rid of those laugh lines, right? Fortune favors the brave. Made of a double layer of nylon and polychloroprene, the makers claim that it works by trapping heat which will reduce all those annoying laugh lines. Use it daily with your favorite moisturizer or baby oil for the best effect.

The Kogao! Smile Lines Face Belt Fits face sizes around 57-68cm (22.4-26.8″). This tight belt definitely takes a little getting used to, and is not recommended for people with sensitive skin or skin allergies. This pink and grey belt will cost you $56.

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[Available at Japan Trend shop]

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