Cannabis-infused Skincare Products available at a Dispensary Near You

Would you care to try out a skincare brand that has launched a line of products infused with cannabis. Apothecanna, based in Denver, Colorado offers you a lot of weed-inspired goods from body lotions to lip balms. The good part is how these products are non-inebriating and does not show up on a standard drug test. The makers claim that these products are great not just to treat topical skin issues but also relieve pain and soreness.

For people living in Colorado, these products sell under the brand name Apothecanna. The company says products will soon hit stores across Arizona and California. The products are affordable with $10 for a calming body spray to $54 for an eight ounce tube of natural pain relief.

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[Via – Dailymail]


  1. Bath Soap says:

    Really nice brand. I have used it earlier as well and this worked for me.