Glow in The Dark While You Bathe

You’re done to death with Scented Candles and rose petals n exotic oils in your bath. Lathering loofa is passé. So how do you spike up your daily dip in the tub? I suggest you do the whole glow in the dark thing. Glow bright neon with the new Glow in the dark Bubble Bath. Romancing your beloved can reach a new peak. For those not so lucky just pamper yourself. Glow in the Dark Bubble Bath radiates a soothing soft glow. It’s not quite bright enough to read – but hey, if all you’re interested in is the Da Vinci Code – perhaps you’d better save it for a more appropriate night. Ten minutes before you run your bath, just place your bottle in front of a bright light to charge the pigments. Before you know it, you’ll be in a lather of luminosity. Glow in the Dark Bubble Bath with its vanilla and honey scent is yummy for one, delicious for two – and when it comes to Valentine’s Day, Hen’s Nights, Halloween, Birthdays or even Christmas, nothing holds a candle to this glimmering gift.

A single bottle will get you up to four baths, the twin pack will double your fun and the party pack, well now, that’ll really get the party glowing with four bottles of radiance ready to rage! Dunk for just $15.

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