Lip-gloss with a Light gives touch-up a new light

If you thought make up and technology can never mix, think again. The new Lip Lights Ultra Shine Lip Gloss from Model Co. comes with LED lights under its cap. Time to say goodbye to applying make up in the dark and praying you don’t look like a fool. Be confident and sassy every time you touch up your makeup, thanks to this amazing first of its kind product. The lights are not the only USP of this product. The Lip Gloss also comes with a side panel mirror so you never have to worry about blindly applying make up. Just untwist the cap for the lights to come on and always remember to twist the cap closed tightly to preserve the battery. Available in a variety of shades to give you that natural look, this product is a must buy for every girl. The product is available for just $28 at Sephora. If you reside in Australia you can order this product on Model Co’s website for $35. Go ahead and let your lips do the talking.

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