Lipstick pepper spray- defense in disguise

Self protection is each and every girl’s utmost priority. Give your safety an additional level of protection with the Lipstick Pepper Spray. It’s your very own personal bodyguard in your purse no one knows about except you! At just 3 inches long, the “lipstick” can be carried in a purse or make-up bag, but is small enough to stash in your pocket. The self-defense spray looks just like an ordinary lipstick, but contains a 10% concentrated pepper spray. The spray contains a lachrymatory agent that immediately irritates the eyes and induces coughing.

There’s enough spray for ten 1 second bursts at a range of up to 3 meters, which will immobilizes your attacker so you can make your escape. The pepper spray acts very quickly and is non-lethal. Additionally the spray contains an invisible UV marker; enabling you to identify your attacker to the police. It may not brighten your smile with a splash of color but it’ll definitely render your attacker helpless, which is sure to work wonders for your disposition.

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