Luxurious snakeskin manicures for $300

Animal skins have always made a statement in the world of fashion. Usually they are limited to things like bags though. However, it’s time to get some of this on to your nails. Terri Silacci, from Monterey, California has brought forth an innovative idea of using discarded skins, which are naturally shed by the animals, with a gel manicure for the unusual treatment. It’s certainly a novelty to bring such a luxurious look to your nails. The most popular and readily available is snakeskin nail art. It takes the stylish about two-and-a-half hours of nail art to carefully cut the pieces to fit the nails in question. They are then sealed in place with a gel varnish, which is then hardened with a UV light. It’s not something that everyone will be able to stomach, but those who can will be the talk of the town. The service costs about $150-300. I don’t think I personally like the idea, but it’s surely a big hit.