Now men can have perfectly groomed eyebrows always with the Eyebrow Shaving Guide

The times have changed. Nowadays, men are seen getting about as many beauty treatments as women, if not more. Gone are the days when men just had to live with their enormous unibrows. For all you men out there who like to do their own eyebrows, rather than going to a professional, the new Men’s Eyebrow Shaving Guide will certainly come in handy. Basically, it is a frame or stencil for men’s eyebrows. This beauty tool ensures that you have perfectly shaped eyebrows, always! The tool has a little indentation that will fit easily over your nose. Once it is snugly fitted on your face, brush the excess eyebrow hair, the ones that are sticking out of the boundaries of the stencil, upwards and around the edges. Cut and shave this excess, and you will be left with perfectly shaped eyebrows.

The Eyebrow Shaving Guide is made from anti-bacterial polypropylene, and measures around 3.9” x 5.1” x 0.7”. It retails for just $32. There is a fine line between a “metrosexual” with groomed eyebrows, and looking like you have gone too far! This remarkable little tool makes it easy to recognize where this line lies!

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[Available at: Japantrendshop]

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