OPI Nail Envy


For all those babes worrying about the brittle nails and the agony of breaking them every now and then, OPI nail ENVY has to be the savior for your nails. Well the damsels need to have time and patience if at all they wish to take the best out of this product. OPI Nail Envy is nail strengthener which has to be applied frequently. All you need to do is, apply two coats at first followed by a coat every other day. Then take it all off after a week and get started again. You might look in to your purses when you think of buying this product as it goes for £17 ($ 30) a bottle. OPI has a section on their website where you can try all their shades of polish on an on-screen hand, which is more of bundle of fun!

So it’s up to you to decide whether you can devote your time to nail caressing or just bitch around!!!

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