See how you age with the free Rodan + Fields Age-0-Meter

Luxand, Inc., Rodan + Fields Dermatologists has a free anti-ageing device up their sleeve which provides people the chance to see what their ageing face will look like through the years. It’s a pretty cool idea that lets you go from beautiful and youthful to old and not so pretty! You need to give the Rodan + Fields Age-0-Meter a photograph and answer two questions about gender and whether or not they smoke. Then it will do its job by progressing the photos through the normal ageing process to demonstrate how faces will age through the decades based on gender and smoking habits. How cool is that. This really wakes up people and reminds them to take better care of their skin and healthy. It promotes healthy habits and discourages smoking in a way. It is free to use and all you need is a computer to access the website and provide a photo. Have a look, it’s definitely worth it.