Woman flees after ‘stealing’ Botox services

It seems like there is a Botox Bandit out there! This notorious woman is reported to have completed a client consent form and had a “before-treatment” photograph taken at a clinic before taking off with $780 worth of Botox treatment in Christchurch. It’s a no brainer that she provided a name, address and phone number according to Senior Constable Helen Mahon-Stroud, of the Papanui police. “They photographed her face up close and then she had the Botox treatment,” Mahon-Stroud said. “Afterwards she went out to the desk and told staff her wallet was in the car. She went out the door and was last seen running off down the road.” I never knew you could steal Botox, but I think that is possible now. I mean looking at her face I don’t even blame her, she really needed it. A representative of the clinic says that she had work done on her frown line and crow’s feet.

It’s pretty dumb to flee after you have taken so many pictures. I somehow doubt that the New Zealand police will be hot on her tracks though. Somebody should take an after Botox picture when she is caught. At least, her mug shot won’t be that bad.