Woman undergoes extreme plastic surgery to look like an anime character


While the practice of getting extreme plastic surgery to look like a favorite celebrity is not new, this one really takes the cake! Singaporean Fashion Designer Jacqueline Koh has apparently spent a whopping $136,000 over the past several years in an attempt to look like an anime character. It all started a few years back, with a few extra pounds that she just could not lose. She went in for some liposuction and body reshaping procedures. One thing led to another, and soon she was going through a whole series of surgeries, including chin implants, eyelid adjustments, nose jobs and even flattening of her ears. The shocking part is that she claims she doesn’t even like anime. She just liked the way they had disproportionately large eyes and small faces, and wanted the same look for herself.

These surgeries to look like an anime character have not come cheap, and they continue to cost her truckloads of money. She spends several thousand per year on maintenance regime that includes daily facemasks, weekly skin rejuvenation massages and biannual Botox and other filler injections. She has only one surgery left in March, which she claims will be her last. She also claims that she is actually very happy with the results, and is still essentially the same person inside. She also counsels other people looking to get plastic surgery through her blog.

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