Women spend almost $1,700,000 on cosmetics in their life time

Women need their costumes and it is almost an addiction for many. A recent survey conducted shows us just how much girls love their beloved make up. It seems that ladies spend nearly $1700000 on cosmetics in their lifetime. Whew, that’s a large figure. Men will be disappointed to hear that a staggering number of women would dump their boyfriends for make up or cancel dinner dates to go shopping for it instead. Most girls have a standard of 54 items in their kit. Usually there are about 16 in their bags for on the go beauty and 38 products at home for more elaborate sessions. Cosmetics manufacturers put high price tags on their products, because they are certain that women won’t mind making such costly purchases in the name of beauty.

It’s almost unbelievable the amount we girls tend to splash on make up and not even think twice about it. British women are known to be the most extravagant on such items. Stuff like eyeliners, eyebrow shapers, eyelash curlers, foundations, pressed powders, lipstick, brushes, concealer and lipgloss have become essential items. As long as the end result is gorgeous, right?