The Zombie Plush Slippers

Scared of Zombies? Never! In my zombie fantasies, I am the one wielding the giant machete, hacking their undead heads clean off their neck. The awesome Zombie Plush Slippers allow me to..

Team Tetris: Live the game

Can you believe that there doesn’t already exist an officially licensed Tetris costume out there? Among the oldest, most enduringly popular games of all time, and no one ever thought of dressing..

The R2D2 Tunic: Nerdy comfort at its best

We love R2D2. We love everything the adorable droid did in the movies and we love everything that it has inspired over the years – be it this Hoodie from Mad Engine..

Jaktogo Wearable Luggage saves You Money

With Airlines charging customers and cashing on carry-ons, companies like Jaktogo are cashing on by providing solutions on how to save money (and untimately spend it on them). Their solution is simple,..