Muscle and Bone Catsuit looks Yucky

I’m really trying my best to think of reasons why anybody would want to sport something that looks like the muscle and bone catsuit. It’s hideous, frankly speaking, the chances of it..

Lanvin’s latest handbag is a Trash Bag!

The ultra-luxurious designer, Lanvin took rubbish quite seriously, while creating the latest line. The brand’s Spring 2014 show in Paris, Lanvin created the usual filmy dresses, oversize novelty jewellery, and tattered ruffles…

The Zombie Plush Slippers

Scared of Zombies? Never! In my zombie fantasies, I am the one wielding the giant machete, hacking their undead heads clean off their neck. The awesome Zombie Plush Slippers allow me to..

Team Tetris: Live the game

Can you believe that there doesn’t already exist an officially licensed Tetris costume out there? Among the oldest, most enduringly popular games of all time, and no one ever thought of dressing..