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The Satechi USB Portable Humidifier

Everyone knows the importance of staying hydrated for good health; however, many underestimate the value of being hydrated from outside in. In dry climates especially, or prolonged hours in air-conditioned rooms can..

Sony rolls out limited edition Red Vaio laptops

Sony wants to paint the town red! Literally! The tech-giant has launched a new range of VAIO notebooks, the VAIO red edition, adding hand-finishing and some limited-edition allure to several of its..

Mad Catz launches Android-Powered Game – MOJO

Get ready for some serious android-based gaming with the new MOJO console. Mad Catz, the old school arcade style gaming company has impressed us in the past with gadgets like “Femme Fatale”..

Coming Soon: Samsung Galaxy Tabs in Golden Brown Hues

While everyone wants pink gadgets, Samsung is trying to appeal the sophisticated side of their audience. After launching Purple, Pink and Orange devices, the Korean company has included a unique golden-brown tint..