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Sony Evangelion Walkman Series Out Next Week

All those who’ve been waiting eagerly for the release of the Sony Evangelion model of the portable audio player WALKMAN, you can smile from ear to ear as they finally unveiled the..

USB Mini Electric Sewing Machine Is Super Handy

It’s been a while since we featured something nifty and interesting from the Thanko stable. And speaking of interesting, you’ve got to clap your hands for this very handy and very awesome..

Can a body dryer replace towels?

I never imagined that we might require a gadget for the simplest task like drying yourself after a shower. Well, if you are someone who is constantly worried about wet towels or..

Sing anywhere with this portable Karaoke Player

Karaoke is lot of fun, especially after a few drinks. However, is your bulky karaoke machine restricting you to show your talent everywhere? Thankfully, this Micro Karaoke Player is small enough to..