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Computer Monitor Flower Holders-For the pansy?

Everybody likes some desk accessories on their table, but nothing as pansy as Etsy’s Posy Cozy which can be described as a knitted desk accessory. As disgusting as it may sound, this..

Bear Baby bath thermometer

Have you ever anticipated that one of the reasons why babies cry during a bath could be the sweltering temperature of water? If it may be true, wouldn’t you have a solution..

iPod Lamps bring music and light

You can turn up the volume a bit, recline back and take a sip from the chilled glass of beer. These iPod Lamps are perfect to give your evenings a light touch..

NES controller that doubles as a coffee table

The creator of this product, Kyle Downes, I anticipate must a huge Nintendo pest to have created an advanced version of the game. No wonder, he spent months putting this together, starting..

Musical fruit pillows that are scented

Here’s something different – fruit shaped and scented pillow with speakers! Pretty cool huh? Although, some might think that a pillow smelling like fruit that plays music is a bit much for..