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Flying Carpet Chair: A Fairytale experience!

Are you still waiting for your Aladdin to arrive on a magic carpet? Stop dreaming and checkout the 1001: Flying Carpet Chair. A tiny army of 90 effervescent rods supports this chair,..

Chicken Footstool Novel not Tasty

I love chicken, to eat that this. But the Chicken Footstool has made me just as happy as any scrumptious meal would. The chicken footstool is the work of artist Sally Jane..

HIDEsk your portable Office in your Home

HIDEsk, the awesome creation that turns your home into your office in seconds and vise versa. This pop-up office can change a bedroom into a portable work station so whenever you need..

Floppy Coffee Table is a definite Hit

Do we have coffee table fans in the house? I’m sure we do why else would Gizmodiva feature an interesting Coffee Table every once in a while? Keeping the interest alive is..