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Stunning- XBOX 360 Pico-Reef Aquarium.

Who could’ve imagined an aquarium as stunning as the XBOX 360 Pico-Reef Aquarium? Well someone from Blue World Aquariums surely did and kudos for that. I’m not into having fishes as pets..

There’s no fixing this Cracked up Mug

Here’s a mug that looks great and can help you pull off a successful prank. Pour the piping hot coffee and make your guest shriek as it makes the mug break into..

ChildMinder Device for Forgetful Parents

There’s always a day in a mother’s life when she has a party to plan, and execute for her tantrum throwing child who at the very last minute demands cupcakes for his..

The Floating Cup…no magic, no spells!

This floating cup is not fictional, it’s not out of the mystical kitchen of Hogwarts owing to the spell of levitation…leviosa!!! It is very much real, tangible and the brainchild of Tigere..

Enjoy geek comfort with Tetris Shapes Pillow Set

If you’ve been a hard-core retro gamer, there’s a strong chance that your gaming habits have worn off on your lifestyle too. You probably don’t like normal, boring things lying around in..