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Enjoy geek comfort with Tetris Shapes Pillow Set

If you’ve been a hard-core retro gamer, there’s a strong chance that your gaming habits have worn off on your lifestyle too. You probably don’t like normal, boring things lying around in..

The geeky meal by Heather Sitarzewski

Some people eat to live and then there are a few who live to eat and in order to make the former eat and enjoy their meal people like Heather Sitarzewski go..

Man- made Machine makes 2500 Imari sushi an hour

Don’t be surprised , a Japanese Food machine Maker Suzumo have developed a latest sushi-producing machine called the ‘Inari-sushi Robot’ that is capable of producing 2,500 pieces an hour. It comes with..

To die for: iPhone Bedding Set

One look at the iPhone bedding set and I know it makes for a great gift. We all have special people in our lives who have a special place in their heart..

OHEA brings us the Self-tyding Bed!

Lazy bones rejoice!!! OHEA makes sure you stay lazy and strike out one chore from your daily to-do list that is tyding your bed. It can be a task sometimes considering the bevy..