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How about a Glowing LED Wallpaper?

Are you a sucker for everything that glows? If you would love to live in your very own LED universe then the ‘Glowing LED Wallpaper’ is your next buy. German lighting designer..

Multifaceted: Sweet talk and Dream Bed

When you are living alone and living life in a suitcase with only a few hours To spend in your humble home then the Sweet Talk and Dream Bed is ideal for..

The Anatomically Correct Chair by Sam Edkins

With the kind of sedentary lifestyles we are leading, doctors everywhere are continuously warning us against incorrect sitting posture. The spinal future of a whole generation is in the dire straits and..

Sushi bazooka = Minimum Work, Maximum Sushi

Gastronomes rejoice! The Sushi Bazooka is here to satisfy all you sushi-lovers. With the sushi bazooka it’s minimum labor and maximum sushi. The bazooka needs to be filled with the ingredients and..