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Stylish LG G3 Sets New Standards

The latest addition to join LG’s G series, the LG G3 phone is sleek, stylish and innovative to its core. Offering an even more sophisticated look and feel from other popular devices..

Calorific App Makes 200 Calories Look Good

This Thanksgiving, like every other must have been indulgent and lip-smacking. Thankin god for all those extra calories? I’m sure you’re regretting every extra bite swallowed for its taste, every over eaten..

iPhone 6 repair costs can hit your wallet!

Before you bend, twist or throw your brand new smartphone on concrete, you deserve to know what can a broken smartphone cost? The smartphone, which had the record sales of more than..

Watch: The ultimate iPhone 6 drop test!

While, most of us might skip a heartbeat, if we drop our smartphones, some smart folks at RatedRR tried the ultimate iPhone 6 drop test. RatedRR have gone to extraordinary lengths when..