Tenori-On ‘Orange’ by Yamaha to hit stores in December

You might remember Yamaha’s perplexing, beautiful and all-around intriguing Tenori-On concept for some melodies. Now it’s finally ready to hit the market. It’s a slightly different version named Tenori-On ‘Orange’. The difference..

Audio Speakers made from candy bar wrappers

Who would’ve thought that we’d see the day when there are audio players made out of recycled chips and candy bar packages. But TerraCycle seems to take the Green Peace movement very..

Barbie iHome Speakers are cute in pink

This iPod docking station is strictly for the girls unless you know any boys who are into Barbie. I mean the doll of course. iHome brings us some really cute and pretty..

Must-Have Mini Speakers have funky designs

There are tonnes of portable speakers out there for iPods and MP3 players. Most are pretty boring and drab though. But these Must-Have Mini-Speakers are quite appealing with their colors and funky..

Hello Kitty Swarovski studded music player

Mouse Computer, Japan today announced the launch of- Hello Kitty Crystal music player with 2GB built in memory. The music player is studded with 300 pieces of Swarovski crystals. The player comes..

Solid Alliance’s New Crazy Earphones are wacky

SollidAlliance has made a break through the traditional earphones and has come up with a new variety of earphones, The Crazy Earphones. These earphones attribute various shapes and designs like the Banana..

Skull Ear Buds add on to your Halloween look

With Halloween round the corner lot of stuff is being made for the occasion. You will see skulls, bones, pumpkins and blood all around. Other than the usual costumes and candies, now..