Grass Mat on Renault’s Dash

We women need to carry so many things with us when we travel that managing them is a major issue. I need my lipstick, gloss, iPod, cell phone (I can’t function without..

BMW 1-Series three-door is fairly modish

Not all of us would appreciate driving a very girlie car. Nor a very mannish, heavily built car is appreciated either. I guess the BMW 1-Series three-door is the ultimate balance involving..

Dubai Employs Pink Taxis Only For Women

Dubai’s RTA has certainly been inspired by the Pinkladies of UK! I think it is a good idea that the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has initiated the new pink taxi for..

trioBike : A bicycle built for You!

Mommies know how difficult it is to go around town with two babies in tow. A Danish company, sharing their sentiments has designed the trioBike, a blessing in disguise! A mixture of..

A look at the Smart ForTwo Car

Here’s a look at this pretty car that is headed for the States in 2007. Smart ForTwo’s catalogue has cool shots of this car that would make you take a dash for..

Bugatti Veyron by Bape- Not so Pretty in Pink

For once we don’t approve of this Pink makeover! It’s not unusual to do something out of the ordinary to make a statement…..but this one just failed to make a positive take-off…