XR-101 Electric Kids Ride on Car is swift

Your love affair with high end cars is a legacy which is apposite to pass on to your next generation whiz kids. That probably requires some training and crash course on driving..

Orbitwheels, a new skating adventure

Did the Monowheel always interest you? And do you love skating as well? Then you must check out Orbitwheels that were seen at this year’s Toy Fair. This rather interesting idea is..

Paris Hilton gets a pink Bentley

The thing with the rich and famous is that if they drop a pin the world would know. So when blonde pin-up girl, Paris Hilton got herself a new toy, namely a..

Road Rage: Say it with your fingers

No matter how calm or cool you are, once you get behind the wheel a complete different personality takes over. You want to abuse and yell at every person blocking you or..