99 Dresses is an e-commerce shopping paradise for women


99Dresses co-founder Nikki Durkin has used women’s biggest weakness- shopping to create a strong point to her business. The company allows women to upload items of clothing to the website, rate the quality, and then assign prices. The company has a special 99Dresses Currency called “buttons” that can be purchased for a dollar each and can only be spent on, the website. This closed loop e-commerce environment will work much like a social network. As of now, there are 4,500 dresses up on the website, and they also have a way of monitoring the quality of clothing going through the system.

The company has its user create accountability by encouraging them to sign-up through Facebook. If a damaged item comes up in trading, the company will work with that customer to return her money, as well as note the issue in the seller’s issue. This will go a long way in creating a mutual trust in the community.


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