A Cyclops Boob on a dress or a Martian nightmare?


I don’t get designers who come up with bizarre ideas just to throw some spotlights on their clothing line as a promotional stunt. Gianni Moralo in my opinion, belongs to the league by designing a dress with a single boob that fits somewhere between a deliberate wardrobe malfunction and a “Futurama” nightmare. The model parading the Alta Roma fashion week with the dress must be pondering why her karma was so bad that the eyes of the audience had to go on the ugly single boob when she had good assets of her own underneath them

It was needless to mention that the rest of the dress was ill-fitted and oddly asymmetrical. (As if her Martian stomach was going to inflate and expand when she’s angry or something) To top it all, the designer had her walk halfway down the runway with her arms crosses over her one breast.

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