A wedding dress that promises to light up your special day


Finding that perfect wedding dress to befit the most important day of her life is every girl’s wish. And for all those who always wished to outshine and sparkle on their wedding day, here is the perfect dress that will light up your day, literally. Spotted on a youtube video, this dress definitely caught our attention. The gorgeous wedding dress was made even more special by the installation of about 300 warm white LEDs throughout the skirt. The lights simulated the effect of candlelight with the gold-tinted color of the LEDs, and with a soft random flickering pattern. The lights were arranged in a random pattern, with the density increasing towards the bottom of the skirt. The batteries were hidden inside the wider part of the skirt, and the lights were turned on by remote control. The bride surely caught everyone by surprise with this “electrifying dress.”

If you too wish to adorn yourself with lights on your special day, check out the following website: www.enlighted.com

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