Anna Sui Rouge Ring is a Perfect Combination!

What do women love? Makeup, Jewellery, and Men. While, there is no control over the third aspect, at least looking pretty is under our resistor! Makeup artist Anna Sui, who is famous for intricate makeup pieces like iPhone Mirror Case or Dress Nail Polish has created yet another masterpiece. For her 15th Anniversary, she has created a medley of all her truly iconic and extraordinary items from the past 15 years. With the Autumn Collection, she is re-releasing the releases a new version of the Rose Ring Rouge, which was first created in 2001.This cool rings, combines a classic gothic style ring with rouge or a tinted lip balm, which ensures glamorous lips and highlighted cheeks all day long.

Anna Sui Rouge Ring is perfect for touch-ups in parties, where you don’t feel like carrying a bag! The beautiful ring will be available in eight shades and will launch in August for $39 each.

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