Awesome Nanotech Fiber Clothes define the future of Fashion

A collaboration between Bio Electomechanical Autonomous Nano Systems and universities and science institutes throughout Japan has brought us Nanotech Future Fashions. The line includes interesting and hi-tech dresses, vests and clothes. Speaking of dress, there was one on display that could be used to heat or cool the wearer, and ultimately allow the whole dress to become an electrical device itself. The incorporation of these nanocells also allows the transmission of electronic data through the clothes themselves. That’s not it the greatness is taken to even higher levels as the article of clothing into a mobile phone complete with GPS, recording data for sports and health care.

The nanotech fiber clothes were displayed at the Micromachine/ MEMS exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight.

Via – [Newlaunches]


  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds of this clothes are really expensive.. I honestly say that i have never seen these type of dresses before.. 
    street wear