Babyglow: Garments that warn parents about rise in baby’s temperature

It takes a lot of time and experience to understand and communicate with your new born. That is why usually invaluable time is lost and the little ones health is affected when parents are unable to detect the sudden rise in their baby’s temperature. But thanks to Chris Ebejer’s latest invention –Babyglow, parents can heave a sigh of relief. This ingenious product will prevent your babies from overheating by signaling to parents when the temperature rises. Babyglow is a unique garment that changes color with the baby’s temperature so parents will know when their child is getting too hot and help prevent catastrophic illness. Overheating can cause a baby’s brain to shut down and is also an indication of illnesses such as meningitis. So Mr. Ebejer’s invention will definitely be a blessing for parents all over the globe. The Babyglows come in pink, blue and pastel green, all of which turn white as soon as the baby’s temperature rises above 37c. Mr. Ebejer got his idea after watching a documentary about babies and since then he has spent over six years and £700,000 ($1,145,900) working with scientists to develop the pigments to embed into cotton babygrows.

Finally his efforts have paid off as Quality Workwear 4 U has bought the worldwide patent for the Babyglow from Mr. Ebejer for a whopping £12.5million ($20.5 million)! Babyglows will be available from October for £20 ($35) a pack.

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  1. Simpletex

    Is there any one  selling in Canada? If not,can we get the rights for it .We are in the wholesale of baby wear.

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