Baseball Inspired Heels by Kobi Levi

Now, you can go to ballpark in style, with Kobi Levi’s Baseball Inspired Heels. The diverse shoe designer has astonished us in the past with Chinese Stilettoes or the whacky Chewing Gum Shoe, but this time his collection is dedicated to the most popular sport Baseball.

The Israeli designer has dedicated two designs to the sport. One inspired from the Baseball, and the other one inspired from the Baseball Cap. With these fun designs, the designer continues with his artistic take on footwear, this time playing with the key graphic elements, which symbolizes the sport.

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The heel of the shoes resembles a Baseball bat, and the rest of the design includes key elements like red, blue, and white uniforms and camel glove, cap, ball and bat. Together they create a playful and fun design.

The Baseball inspired shoes by Kobi Levi is a great way to celebrate the upcoming game season. However, you have to shell out a whopping $2,100.00 to show your love for baseball!

[Available at Kobi-Levi-Design – Baseball Cap Heels and Baseball Heels]

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