Buckled LED Watch combines jewelery and timepieces beautifully

We featured a Puma watch today and now we have something even more eye catching. the Buckled LED Watch has a design that is out of this world. the fantastic and a slightly over the top design is inspired by the ‘Tokyoflash Waku’ range and partly inspired by Apple’s integration of LEDs into their products. The design Devindh says, “I like the way Apple has created micro holes that are very unobtrusive, but allow the LEDs to draw attention once they are lit”. It’s lovely how the watch brings together jewelery and timepieces. The effect is stunning. The hour indicators are micro drilled to form a central focus of the watch. The outer rim divides the minutes into two sets of 30 that are visible through pierced slots. The minutes are etched onto the casing. It is bound to be a hit with all the stylish divas. Hopefully this concept will soon materialize.