Cartoon-like JumpFromPaper bags are shockingly real

I’ve always had a visual obsession of the stuff they show on cartoons. It is just so cool that I’ve yearned for a tangible remnant from the cartoon world that I could hold on to. It seems, I’m not the only one who relishes the sight of these things. JumpFromPaper is a firm that shares my eccentric tastes and so they have come up with this awesome concept of innovative, cartoon-like line of bags with fun and eye-popping colors. They’re very chic and urban, meant only for the teenagers and 20-somethings. Seeing folks out of that age-group carrying these bags might be bit of an eye-sore, excuse me for any offence there.

Although the bag looks very sleek, it is spacious enough to accommodate your regular accessories such as a tablet, notebook and even a laptop. These ultra-cool bags are available at the JumpFromPaper website in the price range of $80-$100.

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[Available at Jumpfrompaper via Holycool]

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