Coach brings us a laptop bag with both looks and functionality

The Coach brand needs no introduction, as it is extremely popular with the crowd. And in case you guys aren’t aware of my hunt for the world’s best laptop bags, then let me take this opportunity to let you know that I’ve made that the purpose of my life. The one by Pink Lining will definitely make that cut. Anyway, this bag by Coach is so irresistible in brown and blue. It might not be plain, but it is certainly plaid and pretty. I’ve come to notice that usually when something looks good, you can abandon all hope of it being convenient and functional. Not with this bag however. We have plenty of storage room. We have two huge outside zipped pockets and even mobile phone pockets on the inside. Something moms and people with shameful bladder control will bless Coach for is the diaper-changing pad that’s included. You can wear the bag messenger style or hang it on your shoulders. The jacquard fabric will be the envy of many people.

With ample storage provided in this bag by the Coach, you will be able to fit in your notebook easily. So do your notebook a favor and buy this super stylish bag. It comes for $428.

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