Computer Wire Dress by Tina Sparkles is fashionably and ecologically sound

Well we know how messy wires can look. Computer wires are never aesthetically appealing. Also with everything turning wireless these days, where do the cables go? To Systems Supernova of course. This is a dress made out of recycled computer wires that is created by Tina Sparkles for the Keep Austin Beautiful Recycled Fashion Show. The main idea behind it is to take on the issue of e-waste in American culture. It also explores the concept of systems thinking as it relates to our ecosystem. It appears that each computer wire is situated in a closed loop system that interacts with all the other systems within the dress. I love how movement within one system influences other parts of the whole. It is a gorgeous fashion statement and I’d have no qualms wearing it in real life. It would really set me apart and for once make wires seem pretty!