A Condom Wedding Dress to raise awareness about STIs


A woman’s wedding gown is her most precious dress; one that she has been dreaming of forever. Every bride wants to have that one dress that makes every other pale in comparison; the one that makes her look like a princess. If you want to stand out from the crowd of dresses, you might consider wearing this one made out of condoms! That’s right, a wedding dress made entirely out of condoms. The controversial dress was created and hosted by the Shoalhaven City Council in a bid to raise awareness of condom usage following a spike in Chlamydia rates. Apparently, the incidence of the STD has risen by about 75% in just the last 6 months! The weirdly striking dress, called “Connie”, features a fitted bodice made out of the still rolled up condoms’ outer rims, while the skirt and train were made out of longer unfurled condoms. The final result is surprisingly cute and chic. Mayor Joanna Gash explains, “Council is trying to address a real problem and look after the health of the local community by drawing further attention to the issue of STI and promoting the importance of safe-sex practices.”

However, “Connie” has already had to face her fair share of criticism. Many concerned parents, and even some council members, like Councillor Andrew Guile, find the condom dress offensive and inappropriate, and are demanding that it be taken down as soon as possible.

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