Wearable Photos: A DIY guide that makes printing photos on clothes easy!


Remember as kids, we all used to walk around in T-shirts with our favorite pop stars plastered on them. Why just stop at pop stars; we should be able to express our undying love for our most favorite person – ourselves – in T-shirt form! All of your dreams can come true with Wearable Photos: A DIY guide. This DIY guide tells you exactly how to convert your photos into wearable fabric! Once the photos are printed onto the fabric, you can stitch it into any piece of clothing that you like. How cute will a skirt made up of your baby’s photos be? It is made possible with their special Photo Fabric Dye Kit, which simply uses the power of the sun to permanently print images onto most fabrics. It’s really like magic; you don’t even need a darkroom! Even the other “ingredients” are everyday objects you might find around the house.

Wearable Photos: A DIY guide is a set of instructions, which are extremely easy to follow. In a few hours you can have a totally cool shirt with your whole family all over it. If sewing is not your thing, then you can even print these on pre-made cushion covers and such. While the guide is free, the Photo Fabric Dye Kit will cost you $35 for Three 4oz Bottles in orange, blue, and red colors.

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