Denim Button Extenders…fit in your clothes even with the fat!

Grown from a size 10 to size 12? Then wait and read this before you plan on disposing off your pair of jeans or shorts. Denim Button Extenders are here to make you not feel sorry for gaining a few extra pounds (if you are a girl even a diamond ring in such a case wouldn’t help). The Denim Button Extenders can do you such a favor in emergencies when you have no time or money to splurge on new denims. These Denim Button Extenders give you the inch or two extra that you need and hey no sewing needed so that’s great news for guys too who would find poking a needle in their eye easier than getting the thread through.

All you have to do is attach to the button of your jeans and hide beneath a shirt or belt. A set containing one light blue, one dark blue and one black extender sells for $7.49.

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