Disney Celebrates “Year Of The Ear” with Couture Ear Hats


2013, is a celebration year for Disney. After launching new interactive tools at Dinsey resorts, the beloved company has added Couture Ear Hats to the “Year Of The Ear” celebration. Beginning in January, new limited-release Disney Ear Hats will be available as a part of the celebration. Holidays, cultures, life milestones, and more will be honored through the series. While some of the designs are basic, others will be elaborately decorated using sequins, embroidery, feathers, and more. Instead of the plain black ones, Disney’s new line of Couture Ear Hats will come in various fashionable designs—such as steampunk, peacock, and felt.

Starting this month as of “Limited Time Magic” Disney will be offering new, limited-release Disney couture Ear Hats each month! So, if you want to visit Disney Land, the time is now!

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