Disney themed shoes for the child in us adults

To have cartoons on your clothes is more or less a fashion statement these days. Everyone’s doing it, so why not cash in on it some more? I think it’s a pretty cute trend. Uniqlo Co. will begin sales this Monday of adult shoes that incorporate Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters into the design. Uniqlo, a unit of Fast Retailing Co. (9983), has sold Disney-character-themed clothing since last autumn, so they know what they are doing. The shoes look subtle and classy. There are no tacky and bold faces of the characters plastered all over the shoes. So you can relive your childhood, but in a mature and stylish way. The beach sandals will be available for $10 and the women’s ballet shoes will sell for $13 along with shoelace-free sneakers. You can find the sandals in all the stores of the company and the ballet shoes and sneakers will be sold at the larger company stores. Unfortunately, this is exclusive only to Japan. The rest of the world will have to look on in envy.