Doctor Who Dalek Bathrobe keeps post-shower shivers away!

Dressing up like an extraterrestrial race from a British television series after a soothing shower has never been easier before. The Doctor Who Dalek Bathrobe we’ve spotted recently is more than just a Dalek-reminiscent bathrobe. Assuring to exterminate nudity, this robe also promises to keep those terrible post-shower chills away!

Comfortable and extremely cozy, this is one of those post-shower wear you’d want to spend your day in. using 100% cotton soft & absorbent terry-cloth, the Doctor Who Dalek Bathrobe is a “one-size-fits-all” and is an officially licensed Doctor Who collectible. You can now have one of these for just $69.99!

[Available at: Thinkgeek]

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