Economical Clutches keep the Style Quotient up this Winter

Winter, winter woes they are all on their way into our lives to suck the style, colour and brightness out except may be the kind and stunning Charlotte Russe Metallic Envelope Clutch that will continue to shine bright and make us look good till the end of time (or winter). Why does this clutch deserve a mention and some prestigious space on Gizmodiva? Well for one it aint gonna hurt your pocket like Chanel’s Lego Clutches, secondly it doubles up as an iPad sleeve and a pretty fancy one at that and this space is more about affordable fashion today more than anything else. There are lot more to choose from but this was a definite winner for us.

The Satin lined interior features a zipper pouch and two open pockets and this beauty comes sans the beast (read: hefty price tag) for only $18.50. Aren’t you gonna rock it this winter?

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