Firejewel, a futuristic evening jewelry

An eclectic mix of up-to-the minute fashion jewelry that everyone will rave about!
Time-honored jewelry often fades with the evening shadow, but a Firejewel defies the darkness, carrying its own internal “fire” into the night. With exciting colors and designs, these hand crafted, illuminated Swarovski Crystal LED necklaces are must-have. At the heart of each Firejewel LED Crystal Necklace, an attractive, transparent solitaire crystal is to be found. The patented design has a brilliant LED inside the crystal that emits a bright glow.

A very small, replaceable battery is housed in the clasp that will last for 60 hours or more depending on the color choice, temperature and different body chemistries. It is available in necklaces, bracelets and anklets, or custom creations. Colors range from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white or pink. Prices vary from $44-$49 for the solitaire and $95-$195 for the signature, which has a heap of extra non-glowing crystals.


  1. Stephen Burrington says:

    how do i order firejewel
    Ive seen e-mail and no answard ????????????????
    Thank you michele Burrington.

  2. Stephen Burrington says:

    well i guess we got cut off anyway Iam still wondering how to get order form or how
    \to get to right page to order please get back to me thanks again michele Burrington