Star Wars AT-AT Pet Pencil Skirt

Do you want to add some geekiness to your daily office wear? The Star Wars AT-AT Pet – American Apparel Pencil Skirt can be your fun attire, to celebrate gawkiness at work. While, Star Wars AT-AT Pet has been spotted in form of a cake and stroller, this is the first time that it has been used aesthetically in formal dressing. Etsy seller Engram Clothing came up with this adorable design and put it on a classic pencil skirt. The art is screen-printed onto cotton so it will be nice and comfortable.

Star Wars AT-AT Pet Pencil Skirt is available in three sizes in black color. If you want to struck the corporate empire in this skirt, place an order at Etsy for $28.

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[Available at Etsy Via Fashionablygeek]

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