Gorgeos Comic Book Shoes feature Betty and Veronica

Let’s be honest here, we’ve all read Archie Comics at some point and followed Betty and Veronica’s fashion trends or at least made fun of them. It’s a guilty pleasure most girls share! Another love that most girls have is that for amazing shoes. So check out the Angeline Tournier Cartoon Wedges. They are hot and geeky at the same time. The shoes have comic strip cork soles that feature Betty and Veronica and Dennis the Menace. It’s like a blast from your childhood, but it actually looks really sexy. You can choose between the the studded Beano Wedge ($201) and the stylish Peep-Toe Wedge ($270). These shoes are unique and let you strut around in style. They go well with all kinds of outfits. I would slip my feet into these in a heartbeat.