“Gravity of Light”: A stunning interactive LED hat


It wasn’t too long ago that we showed you the Paparazzi Lover interactive dress from Ricardo O’Nascimento, and once more we find ourselves awestruck by another fashion technology creation. The “Gravity of Light” designed by Younghui Kim and Yejin Cho, is a beautiful hat embellished with LED technology that responds to the tilt of the wearer’s head! This interactive wearable was inspired by the simple concept of light having gravity akin to water. That is why, every time the head tilts, different LEDs light up, giving the impression of flowing light! The hat looks like it is made from Macramé; however, it is actually a solid wearable printed out using 3D printing technology. Each separate “knot” is actually an illuminated pixel. Hence, the movement of light from side to side looks like flowing water. Who would have thought something as simple as a hat can be so inspiring!

The “Gravity of Light” by Younghui Kim and Yejin Cho was a project funded by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON as a part of 2012 Da Vinci Idea Competition Grant. What they created is nothing short of poetry in motion.

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