Grill Sergeant Apron makes you a good soldier

If you like role-playing, you’re definitely going to love playing the tough, lady sergeant who doesn’t let anyone under her nose. You could don the sexy avatar with the Grill Sergeant Apron that holds out everything you need for a good afternoon lunch hour. The Apron comes with a bottle opener, 3XL tool pockets, 4 sauce pockets; S&P spice pockets and even an artillery belt that holds 6 beverage cans.

The Grill Sergeant Apron retails for $22 and fits all sizes as it has an easy adjustable strap. You could also tempt your man into grilling some meat for you with this Apron. Doing household chores couldn’t be this fun!



  1. Wow! What a lot of pockets. This apron actually looks fab – perfect for tinnies whilst manning the grill!