Indulge Your Kitty Obsession With The Pink Cat Skirt

Remember those days of the past when you used to proudly carry around your little Hello Kitty plush and fit your Hello Kitty pencil holder in your Hello Kitty backpack. Don’t you miss those days you could proudly flaunt your love for all things feline in your fashion choices? Relive those magic days from your childhood with the adorable Pink Cat Skirt. This cat skirt is like an updated adult version of those childhood staples. It features shining eyes and pink nose, and of course, subtle cat ears at the waistband. It is made up of soft pink velvet. This cute and quirky skirt makes for a wonderful way to showcase your love for cats without looking like you are off to a costume party. Perfect for an evening out with your friends, just pair it a simple striped top, and nude shoes. I can almost see my Hello Kitty overalls from my youth smiling in approval.

The Pink Cat Skirt tends to run a bit small, but is available in sizes ranging from XSmall to Large. It is also available in a black version made of black wool. It retails for €147 (approximately $185).

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[Available at : Vivettashop]

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